Your Prototype Brought to Life


We love to get involved in your product development.  We can assist in may ways from building AI patterns to using Solid Works to take your concepts and bring them to life digitally before you invest tons of money on a tangible object.  

Proof Of Concept

The next step is providing a proof of concept.  This means you have that physical item that you can hold, test, present, and use.  These are usually done one or two at a time in order to allow the creator the ability to make changes before investing in a large manufacturing run.  


This is the point in your products life where we start to make small changes to the design.  We can add in features that wern't invisioned before, change the colors, etc. This is the final stage before you move into full scale production.      

OAC Behind the Scenes

During the previous three phases OAC is busy at work.  We reach out to our hundreds of suppliers and get price quotes and samples of materials, we conduct time studies of manufacturing times, and build price quotes with options in order to give you all the information you need to make your first full scale run with Home Grown Manfacturing. 

Your First Run

At this point you get handed off to Home Grown Manufacturing for your first production run. Our competent team learns your product's ins and outs and perfects their individual roles of your product's creation.      

The Cost

One thing most companies don't openly share is their cost for these services.  We believe in absolute transparency and below are the typical hourly rates for the entire Prototyping process. 

Digitizing with AI or Solid Works:  $25.00/ hour

Proof of Concept:  $35.00/ hour

Refining:  $20.00/ hour

OAC Behind the Scenes:

            1-5 Materials:  $120.00

          6-10 Materials:  $240.00 

        11-20 Materials:  $500.00

            21+Materials:  Call for Price Quote

(This includes sourcing time, sample materials, and shipping)


First production run costs are dependent upon the complexity of the item, the cost of materials, and quantity desired.